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Hello all!

I'm sitting at the computer knowing I should write some witty, fabulous post that gives you this picture of me as a woman with perfectly coiffed hair, make up completely done and wearing the most fashionable of outfits.  Reality is today is a no make up, hair in a pony tail, wearing comfy leggings, sweater and fuzzy slippers.  We all have days like this!  And, sometimes, those can be our favorite days to just relax or even tear into that project with no care to how we look.

On the flip side, in a little while, I am going to sit down at the vanity in my bathroom and put on the make up, do up the hair and put on a pair of proper boots (my sweater and leggings may be comfy, but they do look awesome).  Why?  My daughter, affectionately referred to as Lil Miss, has her first father/daughter dance tonight at school.  Lil Miss gets to wear one of her fancy dresses and Dad will escort her in shirt and tie.  I am going to help out at the dance. Slightly excited, I get to be a fly on the wall watching those two dance the night away.  Some may say, "Why bother with the hair and make up!  It's just a school dance!"  And there are times I would agree.  But...tonight...I want to be that striking lady there watching my daughter at her first real school dance, laughing with her Dad, having a wonderful time.

All of us have times in our life where we must put on different faces to the outside world.  Too often, the world wants us to fit in the perfect little box where everyone looks the same, thinks the same and act the same.  To hell with that!  Yes, there are some social norms we do need to fall into, but nothing says we can't interject some personality into our look.  I think the jewelry you wear can let that personality out whether it's a whisper or shouting to the rafters.  A large group of women could all wear a classic white blouse and a pair of jeans, but all look completely different depending upon what she adds to the mix. 

Whether you are feeling like a sassy miss, a spirited woman or a striking lady, I'm hoping one of my creations helps your personality shine through!

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