Resin Jewelry Care


Do not submerge in alcohol or other jewelry cleaners.

Earrings: surgical-grade titanium posts, stainless steel or sterling silver leverbacks can be wiped off with alcohol or pierced ear cleaning solution to sanitize.

DO NOT soak whole earring in alcohol or other cleaning solutions.

If the resin gets dirty from hair sprays, lotions, etc. use a damp soft cloth to wipe off. Be sure to dry with a soft cloth as well (old cotton t-shirts are great). If extremely dirty, use a non-ammonia glass cleaner sprayed on a soft cloth to wipe clean.

Do not wear your jewelry while swimming or showering. Frequent exposure to chemicals and certain soaps/shampoos can loosen the resin mounting and ruin the finish.

We also do not recommend sleeping in your jewelry. You risk pulling on and loosening the mounting and connections. You may also loose the backs or entire earring.

Our jewelry is not recommended for young children.

Be kind to all things…including your jewelry.